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The Wayward Changeling
6 August 1971
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The Journey Thus Far:
Moonlight meetings with mythical maidens,
feats of witchcraft light and dark,
wargames waged between Desire and Will,
duels made with dormice, deals cut with the dead,
the sweet dance of lovers,
the drumbeat of lust,
benevolent devils, psychotic saints,
thwarted romance, shattered dreams,
alien songs heard in deep mountain halls,
chases through mazes with choices for walls,
exotic adventures in the land of the mind,
through a forest of doorways, by a river of crossroads,
on a road made of riddles, in search of the Self.

The five most common adjectives people seem to use to describe me are: friendly, intense (or sensitive, depending on your POV), eccentric, perverted, and hyperimaginative (if not that exact word).

And I don't deny any of it.


I'm something of a jack-of-all-trades but master of none, a damaged-but-still-hopeless romantic, and an unapologetically flagrant lover of the sensual world. I'm quite open to new experiences, albeit not quite as bold as I used to be about actively seeking them out on my own--this is something I'm working to improve upon. I consider myself to have a rather childlike view of the world, and I'm rarely, if ever, truly bored. My life's been a pretty adventurous one, but sometimes I fear I don't have much to show for it other than the fact I'm still alive...but then again, considering some of the things I've done (and had done to me) in my day, I suppose that in itself could be seen as a rather remarkable achievement.

I'm an odd duck by most people's standards. But fiercely loyal to those who actually take the time to try and understand my quirks and not simply judge this book by its bizarre and rather tattered, stained cover. Be honest with me and I can accept and forgive practically anything. Deceive me, even with "good intentions," and you'll find that I can take a really long time to get over it. I don't like being a meanypants, but I can be rather savage when pushed too far, or when I see my friends hurt.

Nothing is listed in my interests which I am not genuinely interested in, or do, or practice, or whathaveyou. I am not into the game of listing things just to seem "cool" or fashionable.My mind is a labyrinth, complete with Minotaurs, and the layout seems to be changing all the blooming time. If you find me difficult to understand, that's quite alright. I hardly understand myself half the time. But I know myself (FNORD) a whole lot better than I used to.

And for the love of Goddess, my name is James, not Jim. Or Jimmy. Or Jimbo. Referring to me by that nickname or any of its variations produces the psychological equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for me. To do so with prior knowledge of this dislike, even jokingly, is not recommended. I guarantee you I will never find it acceptable even if you're my lover and you're the hottest thing in my bed since that time I accidently set my comforter on fire while I was still in it. Your understanding is appreciated.

I tend to bop around Facebook a lot, too. If you're wanting to look me up there, you can find me listed as "James Adam Robson." But if you choose to add me, please let me know who you are and why you're interested in adding me, or else I'm unlikely top add you back unless I immediately recognise you. :-)

This journal goes through varying bursts of verbosity, but (FNORD) I'm trying my best to be more current with updates than I've been in the past few years.

Any and all are free to add this journal to their preferred reading list. Any and all are free to leave comments as well--whether I reply or don't, I still read and ponder each and every one of them. If challenged, I see myself as under no obligation to actually accept what you say, and I'm not above getting bitchy when I feel my buttons are being deliberately pushed. I don't mind criticism when it's delivered in a constructive manner. Making high-handed moral judgments or insults, however, is a quick way to get yourself banned.

So...Welcome to my world; I hope you find your stay here enlightening. (FNORD) Feel free to ask questions if you're ever curious about anything. I try not to keep too many secrets about myself. I just don't see the point.


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